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 Goldmind Services is located in the Metro Houston area, operating out of four plants. Our operation specializes in ready-mix concrete. The majority of operations are conducted within a 120 mile radius of Houston.
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 Goldmind Services is locally-owned and operated. We are your local provider of commercial and industrial concrete and our goal is to provide you with the very best product possible, while meeting your deadlines.
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Concrete is a versatile substance that has been used for centuries in a wide range of construction projects.

Ready mix concrete suppliers help build home foundations, driveways, roadways, bridges, dams, buildings and more. With the help of a ready mix concrete company, it can be cast into different shapes and colors and provides unmatched durability in terms of compressive strength and resistance to weather extremes. Ready mix Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures. GoldMind Services works continuously to develop a wide range of innovative solutions for the uses of concrete.

From fast-setting concrete, to concrete featuring a rainbow of colors and textures, GoldMind Services can design a mixture to fit virtually any building need. As one of the leading ready mix concrete suppliers, GoldMind Services can conform to any construction schedule, and meet both strength and beauty requirements.

To meet and exceed your needs, our ready mix concrete company has built technology laboratories across the country. At our central technology laboratory in Houston,Texas, we constantly test additives and specially designed mixtures to produce concrete that conforms to the high performance capabilities required for large industrial & infrastructure projects, such as bridges, highways and runways. The Houston Laboratory, and other GoldMind Services laboratories across the country routinely produce concrete with high acid resistance and the robust performance and durability capabilities needed for uses such as industrial cooling towers.

GoldMind Services also utilizes high performance concrete to manufacture precast products such as concrete pipe used in potable water and sewage systems, providing affordable, long-lasting conduits that have high structural strength and can withstand water abrasion. Special cements and high technology concrete designs also allow holding tanks to resist chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Ready Mix concrete delivery—ready when you are

Goldmind Services maintains a sophisticated, online-based system that allows customers to track deliveries in real time, download invoices and make payments—all with the click of a mouse.



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